Between the Sheets®

They say never mix business and pleasure but for this team it has proved to be a winning combination. Between the Sheets® launched in Jan 2010 by our then boyfriend and girlfriend partnership. Our business has steadily grown and expanded alongside our fledgling romance, growing BTS into a purveyor of luxury sleep, lounge, and intimates all Made in NYC where it all started. Featured on the pages of fashion magazines and gracing the homes of customers worldwide.

Brand: Between the Sheets Collection

lin·ge·rie -[lahn-zhuh-rey] underwear, sleepwear, and other items of intimate apparel worn by women, most notably BETWEEN THE SHEETS®

With the philosophy that simplicity is the ultimate luxury, Between the Sheets Collection delivers high end products with a contemporary point of view. Presenting redefined fashion for "Between the Sheets", our loungewear and intimates embody comfort and luxury that relate to our modern lifestyle through sensually draped and contoured designs executed in sumptuous materials. Our goal is to add polished effortless charm to the a woman's natural individual beauty.

Brand: Specimens of SeductionTM by Layla L’obatti for Between the Sheets

In this exclusive range, Layla L'obatti, designer and founder of Between the Sheets®, has created an eponymous collection that evokes timeless sophistication. Capturing Layla’s vision to create lingerie that infuses a woman with grace charm and seductive power, these pieces are Specimens of SeductionTM sure to make any heart beat faster. Beguile, captivate, and charm the one you desire.

Lending architecture to fabric's fluid form is a fine art, and Layla brings life to each of her designs with true bias draping before passing them on to expert seamstresses in the heart of New York's garment center. Under her watchful gaze, each piece is executed with couture details like delicately appliqued lace, fine french seams, and rolled baby hems. The end result is a wearable work of art meant to adorn the most intimate moments.

Between the Sheets® Team – Layla & Josh

NEWS: We are thrilled to ring in 2014 as husband & wife – and we are so grateful for all the experiences that have strengthened our partnership in business and love along the way. Click here to see photos from our NYC City Hall Elopement on NYE 2014

Today as a husband and wife team we oversee a budding business and our coffee table can be the staging area for a photoshoot one day, or hosting a family gathering the next. Layla brings design, merchandising, and manufacturing knowledge, while Josh brings his legal skills, environmental sustainability knowledge, and perspective from behind the camera lens. Together we draw on the rich history of apparel manufacturing in New York City we are proud to be a part of the next generation of maker’s finding their start here.

We were lucky enough to receive a economic stimulus loan in 2009 that allowed us to launch and ship our first product to stores in January 2010, and are proud to say that by the end of 2014 we’ll have finished paying back that loan plus interest. We couldn’t have lived this American dream of ours without the support of our local institutions and community.

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Origins of the Name – Between the Sheets® Fashion Show

In 2005 Between the Sheets® began as an underground NYC fashion event founded by Layla when she was only a sophomore attending New York's "Fashion Institute of Technology". Between the Sheets Fashion Show ran for 3 years from 2005-2007 as an event to showcase L'obatti and fellow classmates’ designs. In its short run the event garnered attention from several industry publications, including Women's Wear Daily. 

Named while brainstorming in her dorm kitchen and affectionately referred to by fans as BTS®, it became the name and foundation for the business that exists today.

In coming up with a name for the event she described the focus of the event and varied styles as “New York fashion Between the Sheets” describing the melting pot of NYC style and how between the sheets that would encompass a broad range of intimate design possibilities. A unique blend of high street and main street style and of individuality and self expression that you can witness walking the streets of NYC everyday, and that extends to how a woman dresses for herself when at home.