About BTS blog:

If you think of vision and mission as an organization’s head and heart, the values it holds are its soul.
– Buzotta

Through our blog we hope to share a small slice of our world, a bit of our wisdom and our story, a hint and a tease at what is to come, and things we find inspiring, beautiful, aspirational, and amusing. Expanding on the lifestyle, design philosophy, and ecological thought process that goes into our collection is part of our effort to be upfront and open about what goes into building a company with tomorrow in mind.

Fans affectionately dubbed our Between the Sheets fashion show BTS, and BTS also happens to be an acronym for Behind the Scenes! BTS blog will bring you both, behind the scenes looks into the brands and events, as well as an intimate look into the lives behind the fashion. Lingerie is just the beginning, once you open the door you get a glimpse of all things intimate!

About the line:

The simple luxuries of everyday life should never be overlooked, and Between the Sheets Collection offers you luxury lingerie you can wear everyday. Designed with a woman in mind, BTS delivers luxe loungewear that is effortlessly sensual, through artfully draped and constructed details and superior materials that need to be touched to be appreciated. Each season we strive to bring new offerings in luxurious materials and key styles that will play heavy rotation in any modern woman’s wardrobe. Versatility through styles that can be worn inside and outside the home with a quick change of accessories.

Dedicated to sustainable practices we are a small company and source more sustainable materials for our designs like modal, organic cotton, and locally manufactured lace. We also produce locally, which reduces the carbon footprint that comes from shipping overseas and the social and economic impact of outsourcing these key jobs we make all of our goods in Manhattan’s historic garment center. By having our hands on every detail from sourcing, design, fit, construction, dyeing, marketing, and production we are able to put our values and love into every piece that goes from us to you.

Read our sustainability statement and our pledge to stay Made in the USA!