behind the scenes – market week

So much goes into the making of a line, and the inspiration and the design become so much of the focus. The selling of a creative product often gets glossed over or turned into a spectacle… but in fashion where nothing is a need there selling a brand and a luxury product is an art in and of itself. That dance of courtship with consumers begins with store buyers- buyers are the gateway. They are the professional shoppers who know what their customers will love and curate their stores accordingly. Market week is a designer’s chance to make it happen and sell their creations to the pickiest of shoppers. It is a crazy and hectic time, when a caffeine iv drip is needed and proper nutrition often falls by the wayside. A designer only has several days to meet with as many buyers as they can, and often only 15-10 mins to make that first, second, and hopefully many more impressions count… so here’s a little glimpse into how Between the Sheets showed our collections to buyers this august at market.

between the sheets collection preview to buyers august 2011

betwee the sheets lingerie and loungewear collection buyer preview in nyc
The gorgeous view of the new york public library from our room.

layla l'obatti for between the sheets luxe designer range specimens of seduction and arabesque
Snacks and comfy couch to rest tired feet, buyers spend days walking the shows and a relaxing environment puts everyone at ease.

between the sheets collection at august market buyer presentation
The little details matter, a peek at Between the Sheets Collections’ hangtags and black velvet hangers that keep pieces from slipping off during a presentation.

between the sheets lingerie loungewear collection presented at market week in new york
a soft and pretty basic palette

layla l'obatti for between the sheets lingerie luxe collection specimens of seduction and arabesque
Layla L’obatti for Between the Sheets luxe range – silk, lace, and velvet in all their glory

layla l'obatti for between the sheets lingerie luxe collection specimens of seduction and arabesque
It seems safe to say in the lingerie world nothing is as stunning as bias cut chiffon. Here a view of the Specimens of Seduction sheer romance robe from the back.

between the sheets collection airplay bodysuits in a range of colors
The pop of bright and sheerness of our newest fashion group, airplay.

And only several months/weeks later you can find our pieces in many more boutiques! See who has been buying us: Stockists

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