Masha cats x lingerie

Masha Cats x Lingerie

There is a universal language that all cat lovers speak, I think if you’ve been following this series you’ll have seen it by now. There is a bit of the individual in the way we describe our pets, but specifically those fiercely independent felines. Something about that feline energy also really captures the allure of what it is to be a woman. It can be both playful and chasing its tail one minute, serious and focused hunter the next, and then with the blink of an eye hungry and affectionate for cuddles.
I love how each woman’s answer to the same questions have added to the photos, and this shoot & interview with Masha does not disappoint. She has incredible posture and while doing hair and makeup we talked about how her cat walks with her, sometimes on a leash sometimes not, and how they even go to the beach together!
So without further ado, Masha x Cats x Lingerie:
wearing: Airplay bralette & hiwaist, Arabesque garter, vintage nylons, trench coat (designer’s own)
favorite feline characteristic you would take on if you could?
I love how cats good in geometry of seeing right course to jump. but I wouldn’t take none of whats make them cats.
if you had nine lives, what would you risk one of your lives to do?
I would not risk none. I would keep it for bad day.


If you were a cat, what would you hunt?
Bad smelling dogs :)

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cats x lingerie – Casey Leigh

Casey Leigh – Lingerie Tattoos Cats

Match Made in Heaven

You know that feeling where you pick up on someone’s energy, well cats are really really eerily good at that, and me and Casey discussed this super power as my kitties milled about waiting for this shoot. I think that magnetism came through in all the photos, like she couldn’t be happier to be in their company so they just couldn’t get enough of her. Sometimes its not even that cats sense that you’re a “cat person” or a “dog person” but more of an energy that you bring into the room. So as we chatted and got to know each other over hair and makeup I have a feeling the kitties were listening and became curious who this other furless person was getting to know their furless person (that’s how I think cat’s think about us, because to them furless is weird right?!)

After the shoot I fell in love all over again with how the black and white lingerie tattoos all blend together to let her smile and ink stand out. The addition of kitties is really just fuzzy icing on the cake. So without further ado I’m really excited to share these images of Casey:

casey - blonde bombshell with tattoos, cat, lingeriecasey - blonde bombshell with tattoos- closeup cat x lingerie on BTS blog

wearing: airplay bralette x hiwaist, grey ombre tights, legwarmers

have you always been a cat person? are you a cat & dog person?
I am definitely an ANIMAL person in general! I love cats and dogs. I plan on rescuing both cats & dogs in the near future and having a sweet fur-baby family!

casey - kitten kisses x lingerie on BTS blog casey - kitten kisses x lingerie on BTS blog

wearing: basic play bralette x bikini, grey matchplay robe

favorite cat coloring? 
My favorite cat coloring/patterns have always been calico & “tuxedo”. I love the diversity a calico cat portrays with combined coloring, and each calico cat’s pattern is unique. The classiness of a tuxedo colored cat with their white gloves is irresistible!

casey leigh aka the blonde bombshell with tattoos in window on BTS blog

most cats live a pretty leisurely lifestyle you could say, what part of kitty living do you wish you could have as a human?
If I could have the lifestyle of a cat, I would definitely say I would wish to be able to bask in the warm sunlight in front of a window all day.

casey in lingerie tattoos w/ tuxedo cat  - BTS Blog casey in lingerie tattoos w/ tuxedo cat and tortie kitten - BTS Blogcasey in lingerie tattoos w/ tuxedo cat and tortie kitten - BTS Blog

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Lil Neko – Cats x Lingerie

Lil Neko Cats x Lingerie

When a girl’s instagram handle is @Crazycatlady420 there is no doubt she is a cat lover, and all cat lovers have a good rescue story. You’ll have to read on for Neko’s story of what happened after she took in a malnourished little kitten she encountered on a walk home, and her thoughts on the best and worst parts of being a kitty, because you know we’ve all thought about what it would be like to not have thumbs amiright?!

lil neko with cats x lingerie - Between the Sheets Blog
favorite feline characteristic you would take on if you could?
Jumping and climbing things, reaching new horizons…knowing no boundaries! But equipped with the ability to get back down once I’ve had my share. Once I found my kitty Oreo standing on top of the damn door as if he were a panther, which he likes to prove alot apparently. His stance read “I came, I saw, I conquered” but his meow said “mom how the heck do I get down?”.
lil neko with cats x lingerie - Between the Sheets Blog
lil neko with cats x lingerie - Between the Sheets Blog
want to share a rescue, adopted, found kitty story? 
I was in Spanish Harlem about two years ago when I heard a nearby meow, and of course I tried to follow after it. A few steps away, was a couple with a box that immediately recognized my curiosity and waved it in my face, asking if I wanted a cat their daughter could no longer care for. I politely turned it down since I already had one older cat, Sushi, and wasn’t sure how he would get along with another. Without hesitation, they told me they were going to specifically take her to a kill shelter and my heart dropped. How could someone do such a thing and on top of that, blatantly say it with no guilt? I know no cat should be in these peoples’ hands whether they meant it or not, I walked away with the cat.
Upon bringing her home, I realized how malnourished she was and could see her rib-cage. I spent the next month nursing her back to health with my mom and we named her Miso. After she gained reasonable weight, we saw her stomach was hanging unusually low and realized she was pregnant the whole time.
On my birthday, she gave birth to four healthy kittens all with different colors and markings. I didn’t expect to have six cats, but the best things in life are unexpected. It was fate that I rescued their mother that day and I’d hate to imagine if that never happened. Sushi took awhile to get used to the mother and even got a little weirded out by the babies but now they’re like a family. The kittens took quite a liking to him growing up, always licking him and rubbing against him! I personally think he likes being a father figure. 

lil neko with cats x lingerie - Between the Sheets Blog
wearing: Matchplay Marine tank, Ombre tights, Basic play bikini

have you always been a cat person? are you a cat & dog person?
I always wanted to be a cat when I was a kid and then realistically shifted more into a cat lady in high-school. I’ve never met a cat I didn’t get along with, but I can’t say the same for dogs.

lil neko tortie x Airplay sheer mesh babydoll - Between the Sheets Blog

wearing: Airplay Vanilla babydoll & ombre tights

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