video – Arabesque by Layla L’obatti for BTS featuring Susan Coffey

We’ve been anxiously awaiting the moment when we could share this newest video of the Arabesque range featuring Susan Coffey with you, and finally that day has arrived! For this short fashion film we wanted to capture the mood and essence of the inspiration- Arabesque being both a term describing a ballet move and a form of art originating in the middle east. There is also always the exploration of seduction, here described by the designer Layla L’obatti as “the tease, the mirage, the blur…” The brief glimpses of her hands, her feet, her shoulder, all allude to the more provocative, seductive, and even vulnerable moments cut in between. We hope it  leaves you with a breathelessness and and a longing, which at its heart is the feeling behind falling in love.

camera: Josh Verleun
edit: Vincent Welch
model: Susan Coffey
design & direction: Layla L’obatti


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