Between the Sheets Founder & Designer - Layla L'obatti

Schooled in design at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) Layla L’obatti spent her extracurricular hours honing her craft in New York City’s garment center.

In 2009 after sharpening her skills working on other intimates brands for such names as Tommy Hilfiger and Nicole Miller, Layla set out to create, Between the Sheets® Lingerie, a new vanguard in intimates and loungewear. 

Layla has refined her vision for lingerie into two lifestyle brands: Between the Sheets® Collection and Layla L'obatti for Between the Sheets®.

“With Between the Sheets collection, I want to capture the feeling and comfort of being curled up in bed. My goal is to make loungewear and sleepwear that reflects a comfortable, fresh, and effortless sensual beauty, like you just rolled out of bed looking ready to play. And with my namesake collection I explore what a woman wears when she's pulling out all the stops. The pieces are still effortless and easy to wear, but the fabrics, colors, and cuts are sure to be noticed. ”

Layla lives in her Astoria, New York apartment, a short trip outside of the sprawling metropolis of Manhattan along with her husband & partner Josh and their cats Grayce & Mars. Her vicinity to the hubbub of urban life, and the many love stories that take place there, inspire her to create her collections from her nearby Long Island City design studio.