NEW BTS stockist as of April 1st!

So as you may have heard we were recently cast on All on the Line… well let’s just say that the course of our episode may take some unexpected twists and turns, but a huge thing to come out of the exposure we’ve gotten since the show is a super cool collab with a HUGE HUGE store… yes, you might’ve already spotted the signature shade of traffic cone orange – Home Depot!!

We were a little surprised when they approached us, but then we thought, what better place to find customers looking to buy loungewear than where someone is already at picking up goods for their home! So we roll out in select Home Depot locations starting April 1st and they’re doing some really big promotion around the whole thing. Who knows maybe Joe Zee might even be doing some trunk show style events there with us if all of our PR people could just get on the same page!

I never thought when Josh and I sat down to our “board meetings” (aka with notepads and our two cats on our couch) and discussed going green that one day we’d be literally going to the green section of their store and discussing how we could integrate displays with their outdoor department. After countless hours discussing store movement patterns and strategizing with Home Depot’s team we have come up with a strategic plan of action that places hand picked BTS merchandise throughout the store. The Home Depot buyers were really gung-ho about sales training as well, so we’ve been spending lots of time in store talking about things like cleanliness etc, because no one wants the guy from the paint dept walking over to show you a pair of knickers and forgetting he’s got red paint on his hands- now THAT gives a whole new meaning to being caught red handed!

But I could go on and on about how excited we are at this huge opportunity, but I will just say a picture speaks louder than words, check out some of the action as BTS comes at you in HD this April!


BTS in HD all on the line in April

I drove up to this home depot in Upland, CA where I used to go with my family and nearly flipped out! I can’t believe they’re going out of their way to promote us like this!

BTS dressing rooms in HD April

They had to add dressing rooms, adding signage to direct customers to the correct location. Imagine how many women won’t mind going shopping for lumber with their man now that they can shop for themselves here too?! it’s GENIUS! Check out the employee restocking a Playdate babydoll on the floor!

HD stocking BTS lingerie All on the Line

I hope he wiped his hands off before bringing that customer their Come Out & Play panties… practice makes perfect! I might just send some friends in to “secret shop” these locations…

Going Green BTS in Garden dept in HD

Here’s the Head Buyer and an stock assistant folding our Come Out & Play bikini and boyshort to place in the Point of Sale displays that we strategically placed throughout the store. I like the idea of matching the merchandise with the surroundings, like these minty green undies next to the ACTUAL herb section where they sell real mint!

BTS merchandise in Home Depot

I really love how the colors of our collection play off the more industrial merchandise, who knew the softer side of Home Depot could look this good!

Now this is the part that is really going to blow your mind, they pulled out all the stops with their PR team and they got the most insanely perfect product placement for our Made in the USA brand… yes… yes… OBAMA!! Can you believe it?! I mean, for Barack to say that he will be all over Michelle in our Frolic and Play shorts… I nearly fainted! Again, a picture speaks louder than words:

obama all on the line BTS in HD

Yeah, you might want to pre-order these while they last, because once you get the presidential SEAL of approval I am pretty sure that means we’re gonna sell out fast.