Beyond Makers: From NYC to the World.
Less than five miles: that is the distance that your garments travel from the time they are designed in our Long Island City studio, to where they are ethically cut and sewn in NYC's historic garment center, to where we store, pack, and ship orders across the globe on their way to you.
Local fashion manufacturing (including lingerie) is rare, but it didn't used to be. In the 1960's almost 95% of all clothing sold in the US was made in New York City's Garment Center.
From the fashion shows, to the showrooms, to the corporate offices NYC is still a global center for fashion but manufacturing has all but disappeared in favor of cheaper overseas labor.
Reinventing Made in NYC Lingerie and Sleepwear One Ethical Stitch at a Time.

While manufacturing in the NYC garment center has been in decline for decades, expertise still exists if you know where to look. Since 2010 Between the Sheets has been committed to take the artistry, craftsmanship, and skills of clothing design embodied by the rise of the "maker" movement and harness NYC's manufacturing expertise to create a truly great American made product, shipped to customers across the globe.
In 2016 Between the Sheets became the first intimate apparel and sleepwear company to become certified as Made in NY. This certification recognizes fashion brands who design and manufacture in NYC, supporting and strengthening the NYC fashion ecosystem.
Taking the knowledge and skills learned at Fashion Institute of Technology and designing for both boutique and department store brands, Between the Sheets designer Layla L'obatti works closely with our factory partners to refine every detail of design and production. The result is a lingerie and sleepwear with impeccable fit and lasting quality, produced in an ethical and sustainably minded way. While the old guard of fashion manufacturing will inevitably retire the knowledge has been passed on to a new generation.
Using this knowledge and our passion for ethical, sustainable design, our goal is not just to reinvigorate the manufacturing of lingerie and sleepwear in New York, but to reinvent it.
Read more about our commitment to transparency and sustainability here.